Best Curling Mascara In UK 2021

Find the best curling mascara in UK and get longer, more defined lashes in just seconds. Choose from mascaras with a vegan formula, easily washable mascara and standard mascaras with reasonable price tags. You can even find a hypoallergenic mascara for sensitive eyes.

Flutter your eyelashes sweetly and you will be stealing every person’s heart. Alas, if only we had those thick, curly eyelashes to do so! But, worry not, cos that’s what curling mascara is for. And here you have the well researched (oh, did we have fun doing that!) list of the best curling mascaras in the UK. 

13 Top Curling Mascara In UK

Best curling mascarasBest featurePrice
Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara Long-lasting 
Elizabeth Arden Volumizing Mascara For voluminous lashes 
L’Oreal Miss Baby Mascara Smudge-proof $12.95
Rimmel London mascara Gives the lashes a natural curl$4.12
MAX factor lash curler Lengthens the eyelashes$11.34
Benefit Super Curling MascaraKeeps the lashes healthy$36.99
Bourjois Ultra Curl MascaraDifferent shades of color$15.99
COVERGIRL – LashBlast Clump Crusher Extensions MascaraSmear free$10.50
Maybelline Mascara Instant Lash LiftDouble curl wand$7.40
NARS volumising mascaraPitch black tone$23.99

#1- Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

Best conditioning mascara

A mascara that can hold the curl for at least 8 hours is something we all want. But mascara that stays on strong for about 24 hours… now that’s magic! 

Clinique High Impact curling mascara is worth every penny you pay for the way it can make your eyes look. You get great volume with just one swipe and it lifts up your lashes with its curved wand.

Keep it on the whole day without worry of it smudging, smearing or flaking. It is also ophthalmologically tested and has been declared to be safe for the eyes and eyelashes. And to remove it, all you need is a cotton pad and some warm water. 

Here are some of the best facial exfoliators to keep your face fresh and clean.

#2 -Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance curling Mascara

Best mascaras for over 50’s uk

There are three mascaras in the Elizabeth Arden range of cosmetics that give you gorgeous length and curl. Out of the three, the Grand Entrance can be considered a miracle.

One or two swipes are all you need to give your eyelashes the volume you desire, combined with the length and the lift.

The high-precision wand does the perfect job while the buildable mascara itself is rich in pigment and waterproof. If that’s not reason enough to buy this mascara, here’s something that will convince you further.

The mascara is enriched with vitamin and mineral rice extracts of olive, rice bran, and carnauba to nourish your eyes while you keep this on. 

#3 -L’Oréal Miss Baby Roll curling Mascara

Best mascara for short lashes

Top brands do the job for a much higher price while drug store brands do it for half the price. L’oreal Paris is one of the best drugstore or budget cosmetic brands you can find in the UK.

The Miss Baby Roll volumizing mascara comes in a volumizing and lengthening version that is rich in pigment and smooth to apply.

The innovative wand has a twisted pattern that lifts the eyelashes and curls them as you comb this through. It does not smudge or smear the whole day but the downside is that this is not completely waterproof.

It seems to be able to handle a few drops of water but cannot handle a downpour. This budget mascara is available in four colors, indigo, teal, lilac, and intense black.

#4 – Rimmel London 24 HR Supercurler Mascara

Best washable mascara

Rimmel London is among the drugstore mascaras in the UK that’s of good quality as well as easy on the pocket. The 24 hour supercurler mascara is heavily pigmented and is available in a black as well as an “extreme black” shade.

The wand is curled to lift your lashes and give it that natural curl. It does last a good 7 to 8 hours and does not clump up or smear around. You also get longer lashes.

The only downside is that the fibres of the wand are not very thick and you might have to apply a few coats of this mascara to get the voluminous effect you desire. 

#5 -Max Factor False Lash Effect Clump Defy Volumising Mascara

Best mascara for volume

You can now throw away those false eyelashes on your dresser as you have the Max Factor Lash Effect mascara in two gorgeous shades – a black and a deep brown black, at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

We love the way this dramatic mascara glides through our lashes with the specially designed wand without clumping up. The wand helps lengthen while adding heaps of volume to even the thinnest

and shortest of lashes. It’s easy to reach the roots of the lashes and brush through, to the tips. This long-wear mascara is gentle and safe for the eyes, even for those who wear contact lenses. It washes off easily with some warm water. 

#6 -Benefit Cosmetics Super Curling Mascara

Best curling mascara in the UK 2020

The Benefit super curling mascara uses a wand bent at 30 degrees to lift, hook and curl your lashes the way a curler would do. You get a natural looking curl to the lashes when you use this.

This mascara is not waterproof, but it is water resistant to the extent where it can handle a few drops of water and keeps your lashes curled for at least 8 hours.

As you use this mascara every day, you are also conditioning them with vitamin B5 and Serin, two essential nutrients to keep them healthy. The mascara doesn’t clump up the lashes and leaves them long and separate.

This is more expensive than the drug store brands and is priced at a premium. 

#7 -Bourjois Ultra Curl Mascara in UK

Top curling mascara in Uk

With an extremely curved wand and bristles that are placed close to each other, the Bourjois Ultra curl gives your lashes an extreme curl with the highest precision.

The waterproof formula keeps the lashes intact for several hours. Bourjois comes in 7 different shades of black and each one is better than the previous one. The mascara is enriched with silicone and natural wax to keep your lashes smooth.

You get up to 50% heavier volume and length along with the curl without any clumping or smudging. And this is sold at affordable drug store prices. 

#8 -COVERGIRL – LashBlast Clump Crusher Extensions Mascara

Waterproof curling mascara

This American brand is hugely popular in the UK for its high quality cosmetics. The LashBlast Clump Crusher Extensions Mascara by Cover Girl comes equipped with a beautifully curved wand that has bristles that are closely placed.

This is what keeps the clumps away and leaves the eyelashes separate, long and luscious. You get lashes that are pumped up with volume and curled wonderfully.

All you need is one application and you get the best results. This is a long lasting mascara that you can keep on for the whole day and one that does not smudge, smear or flake. The only disadvantage is that this is not waterproof.  

#9 -4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara

Best eyelash curler in Uk

4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara is one of the best selling mascaras in the UK, owing to its texture, the quality of the wand and the super affordable price point.

While many top curling mascaras have a curved wand, this one comes with a straight one but does do the job of curling your lashes well.

What makes this amazing is the volume of the bristles placed very close to each other to give you dense lashes that are extended nice and long.

All you need to do is comb it through once and lift your lashes while doing so to give you a slight, natural looking curl. This is smudge proof and stays all day long, but is easy to wash away with warm water. 

#10 – Maybelline Mascara Instant Lash Lift 

Voluminous mascara in Uk

Yet another drug store brand, but one of the best when it comes to value for money, the Instant Lash Lift mascara by Maybelline is something that is worth a try.

While every curling mascara comes with a wand that is curved once, this one comes with a double curled wand for that little extra.

All you need is one or two combs through your lashes for extended, darker and curlier lashes that stay that way all day long. This mascara does not clump up or flake and gives you a clean, smooth look.

It also does not smudge or smear and is safe for the eyes, even for those who wear contact lenses. 

#11- Guerlain Paris Maxi Lash Mascara 

guerlain paris mascara

We know how intriguing the packaging of this sleek mascara can be but we are not going to burst your bubble! The mascara is a dream as well. 

As the name suggests, the voluminous aspect of the mascara can be a solution to flimsy lashes and spread out growth.

Even though the price is on the higher side, the reason why we are vouching for this mascara like we are is that it is safe to use on the lashes and we can assure you that there will not be any fallout. 

#12 – Dior high shadow curling mascara 

top mascaras in UK

Dior has to be on the list of beauty products not only because of its high reputation but because of how the quality amazes us every single time! 

This curling mascara is waterproof and can be vouched for the same. If you have to deal with a rainy day, your eyes will be smudge-proof.

The bristles of the mascara can be used for thicker and longer lashes based on the way you apply it. It is great for a longlasting condition without any disruption. 

#13 – NARS volumising mascara 

curling mascara

The NARS is a great mascara if you want the pitch black defined look for your eyelashes to frame the structure of your eyes. 

We are not even going to mention how sleek and hi fi the packaging looks. With the bubbled exterior its so hard to resist this beauty. Looking at the size of the package this can last for quite a long time. 

What is the best curling mascara in the UK?

Clinique high impact curling mascara 
Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara
L’Oreal Miss baby doll mascara 
Rimmel London Supercurler mascara 
MAx factor false lash effect curling mascara 
Benefit super curling mascara 
COVERGIRL curling mascara 

Do curling mascaras really work?

One simple answer – Yes! Curling mascaras are made with a creamy formula that help hold the shape of your eyelashes. Think about these as wax.

The way hair wax helps hold the shape of your hairstyle better, so do the curling mascaras. You can get rid of your eyelash curlers and use curling mascaras for a more gentle and natural curl in your lashes. 

Does waterproof mascara hold a curl better?

Absolutely, yes. In fact, most top curling mascaras are waterproof in a conditioning formula as this is what will help your lashes stay curled all day long. As you go through your day, your lashes are exposed to a lot of environmental factors.

This plus the natural water and moisture secretion from your eyes slowly causes the lashes to weigh down. Waterproof mascara helps prevent this flattening out by staying resistant to those factors and your lashes stay curled longer. 

How to use a curling mascara right?

There are a couple of pointers that you need to keep in mind to make the best of your curling mascara. 

  • Make sure you always start from the lid and brush it to the edge of the lash. Shake your brush across the eyelashes to make sure they are being brushed. 
  • While doing your eye makeup always start with the mascara. After your eyelashes are set, your kohl and liner will be a piece of cake. If you keep the mascara in the end it can disrupt the makeup. 
  • Always close the upper lid as tightly as you can to keep it from drying out. 

Mascara is and should be an essential eye make up item in your kit, cos it can achieve what even the best eyeliner and eyeshadow cannot achieve. For the days that you want to go for the “no makeup” look, it’s the mascara that will do the trick.

If you use a good quality mascara, you won’t even have the need for eyeliner. Choose from the list above for a mascara that will lift up your eyelashes and give your eyes that sparkle.

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