8 Best Hair Crimpers UK 2021 | BaByliss, Revlon, And More!

Bored of straight tresses? Try out new hairstyles with the help of the best hair crimpers UK!

Straight hair can sometimes look flat, especially if your hair is thin and without volume. Crimping is one of my favourite techniques to quickly add some romantic waves, bring some life into my hair and of course, a lot of body.

While many choose to crimp their hair by braiding and running a flat iron on it, I find it so much easier, quicker and more efficient to use a hair crimper. I’ve done the research, checked out many hair crimpers in the UK to bring you the reviews of the best hair crimpers UK:

Best Hair Crimpers UK In 2021

Here’s our list of the best hair crimpers that let you create any style you want!

Best Hair Crimpers UKRecommended ForLinks
Conair Double Ceramic 1 1/2″ CrimperThin Hair$29.08
DSHOW 4 in 1 Hair Crimpers UKMultiple Plates$35.99
Bed Head Crimpers Little TeaseVolume$22.00
Conair 3-in-1 Straight Waves Mini Crimpers For HairShort Hair$21.95
Toni and Guy Crimper Double BarrelThick Hair$39.75
Revlon Hair Crimper Salon Deep Hair WaverBeach Waves$29.78
Remington Hair Crimper S7280Automatic Crimper$27.99
Babyliss Hair CrimpersBest Overall$26.30

Conair Double Ceramic 1 1/2″ Crimper

Best hair crimpers UK for crimping thin hair

hair crimpers

Different types of hair require different types of crimping irons. If you have thin or fine hair below your shoulders, the Conair Double Ceramic Crimper should be your choice.

 It comes fitted with double ceramic plates which transmit the heat gently and evenly throughout, which is something that is required for thinner hair. 

Amongst many ceramic plated crimpers in the market, Conair is the best as it is coated with twice the amount of ceramic to ensure that fine hair does not get burned or damaged during the crimping process.

 It has an ionic generator in built, that produces enough negative ions to lock in the hydration and keep hair from frizzing or becoming too dry. 

The other fascinating feature of this crimper is the wide range of heat settings you can choose from. 

The crimper comes with 30 settings varying from 80C all the way upto 190C, so you have exactly the style you wish, depending on how much your hair can handle.

 It also has a “Turbo Heat” feature that instantly boosts the heat up by 2 degrees Celsius when you want. 

There is a red indicator light that comes on when the crimper is plugged in. 

It has a swivel cord that is tangle-free for ease of movement when you are styling. 

This light weight and portable crimper comes with a dual voltage feature, making it convenient to carry along when you travel out of the country. 

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Safe ceramic technology
  • Glaze coating technology
  • Tangle free swivel cord
  • Lighweight hair styling equipment

DSHOW 4 in 1 Hair Crimper

Best hair crimper with different plates

top hair crimpers uk

The same kind of hairstyle day in and day out gets boring. I like to mix things up a bit, with silky smooth and straight hair one day and waves the next. Buying several hairstyling devices can not only burn a hole in my pocket, but can also clutter my dresser, not to mention the gazillion cords that can get tangled.

And this is why Dshow’s 4 in 1 Hair Crimper has gotten me all excited! One hairstyling hot iron with 4 different plates that I can change to play around with different looks. So it’s no wonder this product is on my best hair crimpers UK list!

There is of course, the standard flat plate that smoothens out my hair for that important meeting at the office, but there are three crimping plates with various numbers of teeth for various crimping effects- 4 teeth, 6 teeth and 8 teeth.

Sliding these plates in and out is simple and quick. All the plates are titanium ceramic plates, perfect for thick and long hair.

They style the hair without damaging or burning them. These plates heat up in less than a minute and I can choose between 5 heat settings, ranging from 140C for thinner or damaged hair, going up to 220C.

I also love the power cord which is 2 metres long, giving me enough leeway to move around when I’m styling my hair.

The Dshow 4 in 1 Hair crimper functions on dual voltage and can be used worldwide. 

Key Features:

  • Variable temperature settings
  • Brilliant length cord
  • Multiple temperature options
  • Different voltage options

Bed Head Crimpers Little Tease

Best hair crimpers UK for volume

top hair crimpers uk

If you have short hair and want to increase its volume, you need a crimper that has its plates 1” wide.

The Bed Head Little Tease Hair Crimper is my recommendation for all those who have short hair and want to add some body by crimping.

This crimper has ceramic tourmaline plates, a great choice for thicker hair. The material heats up the hair to style it quite gently and without damage. It also smoothens out any frizz and leaves hair shinier and looking healthier.

There is an indicator light that goes on when the crimper is plugged in and functioning. This crimping iron heats up in under a minute and goes to an optimum styling temperature of 400F. It definitely deserves it’s place on the best hair crimpers UK list.

This helps style quicker and lock in the waves. The power cord is 6 feet long, enough to give you enough space for movement.

The crimper comes in a brilliant pink colour. 

Key Features:

  • Colorful waver iron
  • 6 Ft. long swivel power cord
  • Fast heating hair wavers

Conair 3-in-1 Straight Waves Mini Crimpers For Hair

Best mini crimpers for hair

waves hair crimper

Conair is one of the most popular brands in the hairstyling world, with products made for every kind of hairstyle.

The 3-in-1 straight waves specialty styler has a special place in my heart as I am one of those who loves owning one device with multiple functionalities. This is also a low cost hair crimper and small enough to be carried in your carry-on when you are traveling.

The crimping iron comes with three plates, one which is flat for straightening my hair and adding shine, a second one which has wider teeth for creating waves and a third micro crimp plate with smaller teeth.

I can use the wider teeth plate for adding loads of volume while the micro crimp plates gives my hair texture.

These plates are easy to slide on and remove.

The crimper takes about two to three minutes to heat up which is longer than most high powered crimpers in the market, but note that this is a small sized travel device. 

Key Features:

  • 3-in-device
  • Hair curler, waver, and straightener in one devie
  • Travel-friendly
  • Excellent quality
  • Reasonable price

Toni and Guy Crimper Double Barrel

Best hair crimpers UK for thick hair

best hair waver uk

The Toni and Guy Crimper Iron is everything you need and more.

The plates work well on thin as well as thick hair. This all-black, stylish looking crimper comes with finger rests that give you enough grip for comfortable styling.

The crimper comes with 32mm ultra deep plates that heat up evenly and quickly to avoid damaging your hair.

There is an indicator light next to the on and off switch, so you know when it the crimping iron is powered on. The ceramic-tourmaline color protect technology is a blessing for dyed hair.

You can select up to 200 degree celsius of adjustable temperature and the iron heats up in about a minute.

The ceramic plates ensure that you are done styling your hair in a jiffy, taking only about 15 to 20 minutes for mid length hair.

The power cord is 6 feet long and is tangle free. 

Key Features:

  • Hair curler works on all types of hair – thick, thin, etc.
  • Ceramic heat technology
  • Heats up quickly
  • Colour lock technology

Revlon Hair Crimper Salon Deep Hair Waver 

Best hair crimper for beach waves

top hair crimper uk

One of the best hair crimping irons for thick and long hair is the Revlon Salon Deep Hair Waver.

With 30 different heat settings, going to a maximum of 430F, you know even the thickest of hair can be styled in a hurry. Don’t worry about the high heat this iron uses, cos the plates are coated with tourmaline, which ensures that the heat is evenly distributed and your hair is protected from damage.

It also gets rid of all the frizz and flyaways, giving you sleek, beachy waves that look nice and shiny.

This crimping iron is light in weight and portable, and it comes with a locking switch when you want to stash it away in a drawer.

It comes with a long swivel cord that makes it easy to move around when you are styling your hair.  

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Glaze coating technology
  • Tames frizz
  • Affordable price

Remington Hair Crimper S7280

Best automatic hair crimper

top brands of hair crimpers

When you are fresh out of the shower, running out for time and looking to style your hair, try the Remington S7280.

Designed to style hair when its wet, this crimping iron gives you beautiful waves with the 2 inch wide plates.

It also dries your hair, so you are all set to leave in just a few minutes. The 2-inch plates are perfect for thick and long hair, but can also be used on fine hair to add some body.

They are coated with ceramic and titanium to heat up quickly and also protect the hair from heat damage.

These plates go upto a high temperature of 420F to give you the beachy waves you desire.

There is a wet or dry styling indicator, and there are 30 heat settings you can choose from. 

Key Features:

  • Digital display
  • Ceramic barrels
  • Multiple preferred temperature level options
  • Ceramic technology that leaves hair healthier
  • Fantastic price

Babyliss Hair Crimpers

Best hair crimpers UK Overall

best hair crimpers UK

A good and famous hairstyling tool is the BaByliss hair crimper. This is a high powered, high heat crimper that functions up to the standards of many popular brands in the market.

The plates are 1.5 inches wide and are suitable for thick as well as fine hair. This iron works on 10 adjustable temperature settings, going to a maximum of 210 degrees celsius.

It heats up quickly and uses negative ion technology to smoothen frizz and flyaways, locking in moisture, eliminating dryness, leaving you with shiny waves and loads of volume.

The ceramic-tourmaline plates distribute heat evenly and help avoid damaging your hair. So if you have damaged hair, this is among the best hair crimpers UK for you!

The iron comes with finger rests for comfort during style and to help hold it in place. It comes with a 360deg swivel cord that is tangle free, for moving around easily. 

Key Features:

  • Triple barrel weaver
  • Negative ionic technology
  • Quality products

Are crimpers bad for your hair?

Any styling that requires you to use a lot of heat does damage the hair, but this can be avoided or reduced by using the right products. Always make sure that you spray a heat protectant on your hair before you start the crimping process. Also, give your hair sufficient time to recoup between heat styling procedures. 

What is the difference between a waver and crimper?

The only difference between a waver and crimper lies in the plates. In the best hair crimpers UK come with textured plates that add that kinky, curly look to your tresses. But a waver on the other hand has barrels instead of plates. It literally, adds waves to your hair.

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