Best Hair Mask For Bleached Hair UK | 15 Products To Retain Texture And Moisture In Bleached Hair!

Whether you bleached your hair golden or gave it a kiss of platinum, it needs some TLC. And that tender, loving care comes in the form of a good hair mask. A hair mask will not only help you preserve the much-loved colour from fading out, but will also keep your hair hydrated, healthy and lustrous.

Using a hair mask on once a week has helped me get over the damaged hair strands that were keeping me from flaunting my colored texture. Allowing your hair to be treated with the hair mask for about 10 minutes every week is a therapeutic experience and a real treatment for your hair which you should stick to. This is by far the best treatment for damaged bleached hair. 

So here are some of the best hair mask for bleached hair UK. 

Top hair masks for bleached hair UK 2020

#1- Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 

best hair treatment for damaged hair

Bleached hair goes through a lot of stress from the chemicals. It can turn brittle and dry, and it needs nothing less than the best to help retain its health. 

Olaplex is one of the market leaders when it comes to hair care, especially for chemically treated hair. 

The Hair Perfector No 3 requires only 10 minutes of your time after washing your hair to infuse hydration and nutrition into your hair.

 This purely vegan product is pH balanced and free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates and phosphates to prevent damaging your hair further. 


This is a great product to use after styling since it eases away the heating elements that have an impact on your hair strands. 

#2- Davines Alchemic Conditioner 

The Alchemic Conditioner by Davines is specially formulated for blonde and platinum hair to help revive the brilliant colour and hydrate it.

 This is water based and a good choice if you have an oily scalp. Massage it through the hair after your shampoo and leave it in for about 5 minutes for it to do its job. 

It has a rich, balmy cream that spreads easily and does not drip. One thing to keep in mind is, while it does hydrate normal hair to a large extent, it does not help repair if your hair is damaged too much. 


Massage your hair with this mask for some time before you let it settle. This way it seeps in with the hair and gives your hair a better, hydrated texture. 

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#3- IGK Antisocial Overnight Bond-Building Dry Hair Mask

damaged bleached hair mask uk

For hair that is extremely damaged, you need to take extreme measures to set it right. IGK’s Antisocial Overnight Bond-Building Dry Hair Mask is our pick for some seriously deep conditioning for your hair. 

Containing real silk protein derived from plants, this purely vegan product infuses your hair with plenty of protein, making your strands stronger. 

Claiming to be one of a kind, this product is also free of damaging parabens, sulphates, petrolatum and mineral oils. Leave it on overnight and wash off in the morning to enjoy softer, smoother and silkier hair. 

#4- Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask

deep conditioning hair mask for bleached hair uk

Don’t despair if your bleached hair is feeling dry and lifeless, instead, use Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask. This intensely nourishing mask contains a blend of natural oils and algae, along with vitamin B and biotin to revive your hair.

 The rosehip and almond oils moisturise your strands while biotin and vitamin B replenish the lacking nutrition, preventing hair loss. 

It strengthens your hair, helps lessen breakage, brings a shine to your dull hair and makes it softer. It also helps control frizz and leaves your hair nice and smooth.  

This is on the pricey side costing about $36. 

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#5- Luseta Color Brightening Hair Mask

top products for bleached hair uk

If you feel your bleached hair is losing its colour, or if you simply want to take care of it and make sure the bright colour is maintained, use the Color Brightening Hair Mask by Luseta. With purple and blue hued pigments, this hair mask removes the yellowish tinge in your hair by neutralising it. And that’s not all. 

This hair mask also contains Keratin, biotin and collagen to strengthen your hair and nourish it. It prevents hair loss, breakage and dryness. It makes your hair more elastic and smoother, with a beautiful shine and smoothness.  

#6- Revicare Purple Hair Mask for bleached hair 

purple masks for bleached hair

Over a period of time, bleached hair can lose its luster and develop a brassy shade due to sun exposure. The Purple hair mask by Revicare helps bring back the vibrancy of the colour. Containing retinol, avocado oil and silk proteins, this hair mask also nourishes your locks and helps repair any damage. 

The avocado oil, along with vitamin E prevents further damage due to exposure to the sun and other chemical treatments. It also contains aloe vera that helps hydrate the hair and keep it healthy. Hair feels stronger, more elastic and definitely glossier in just a few weeks of regular use. 


If you have greying hair, this hair mask can be great in soothing your hair strands and keeping it hydrated. 

#7- OGX Kandee Johnson Collection Mermaid Moisture

moisturising bleached hair

The reputed brand OGX has partnered with the popular Youtube vlogger Kandee Johnson to bring us a super hydrating hair mask, the Mermaid Moisture. Attractively packaged, this hair mask works like a dream, especially if you have very dry hair. The mask is indeed intensely moisturising, even though it is water based. 

It even looks sparkly with its pearl extracts, and leaves your hair shiny. It is formulated for bleached and coloured hair, and it retains the shade. However, the deeply hydrating mask may make your hair a bit too greasy if you have a naturally oily scalp. 

#8- Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe hair mask

hair mask colored hair

It’s a good idea to go professional when it comes to maintaining the health of chemically treated hair. Schwarzkopf’s Professional BlondMe does a lot of good to bleached hair with its creamy, intensely moisturising formula. Though it is meant to be used immediately after a colouring or bleaching service to help replenish the lost moisture, it can definitely be used regularly to maintain hydration in your locks. 

It smoothens out the hair, closes the pores and makes it easier to comb through without tangling. It retains the colour of the hair and brightens it.

#9- Pure Body Naturals Coconut Oil Hair Mask

hair treatment for bleached hair

Coconut oil is something people in most tropical countries swear by for their glossy skin and hair. That’s because this magical oil has all the potential to stimulate cell regeneration and repair. Pure Body Naturals makes use of coconut oil in this hair mask to deliver results that are way beyond simply moisturising. 

Blending this oil with shea butter, you have a creamy concoction that puts the life back in dry and damaged hair. Safe on coloured and bleached hair, this repairs split ends, closes the pores, strengthens your hair and makes it shinier. 

#10- Blondwood Purple Hair Mask

purple mask for bleached hair

Purple hair masks are definitely recommended for bleached hair, especially if its bordering on the lighter blonde or platinum shade, as they help neutralise the yellowish tinge. But the Blondwood Purple Hair Mask goes beyond just that with its ingredients that include keratin and retinol.

 Keratin makes your chemically treated hair stronger and stops it from breaking, while retinol slows down the ageing process and protects it from environmental damage. The hair mask also contains plenty of argan oil to infuse moisturise into your locks and prevent dryness and split ends. 

#11- Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color

top hair mask for bleached hair

Oribe’s Masque for Beautiful Color is pure luxury for your hair. This premium product costs you at least twice of what the other brands in the market may, but it’s worth every single penny. With extracts of watermelon, litchi, moringa oil, sunflower seed oil, edelweiss extracts, and infused with keratin, you know your hair gets the best.

 Use this as a mask or as a balmy cream to reap the benefits. It strengthens your hair, deeply moisturises and even protects your hair from UV damage. It is free of sodium chloride, so it is safe and gentle on your bleached hair. 

#12- Davines Minu Hair Mask

natural hair mask for bleached hair

We have another hair mask by Davines, the Minu mask meant for illuminating bleached and coloured hair. Made with caper blossom extracts, this light and creamy hair mask infuses protein hydration into coloured or bleached hair. 

Capers are a good source of natural protein that strengthen the strands, retains the colour and prevent it from becoming porous. It protects the hair from losing its moisture and nutrition. Use this hair mask on damp hair and leave it on for about 15 minutes before washing it off.  

#13- Botanicals Rose & Geranium 

best hair mask UK 2020

The Botanicals Rose & Geranium by L’oreal Paris comes in a rich and creamy texture, filled with real rose and geranium oils, along with soya and coconut oils to give your hair nothing but the best.

 This 100% vegan formula protects your hair with 97% natural ingredients that protect your hair and give it brilliant shine and gloss. 

It is free of silicones, and the oils it infuses your hair with, help keep away tangles and dryness. It conditions the hair and leaves it not only radiant, but also smelling amazingly floral. 

#14- Christophe Robin Color Fixator Wheat Germ Mask

top quality hair mask UK

Christophe Robin Color Fixator Wheat Germ Mask uses wheat germ oil to add moisture to your hair. The fatty acids in the oil lock in the hydration, close the pores and keep your hair moisturised until the next wash. Hair feels noticeably softer and smoother, with better volume and bounce as well. 

The mask is gentle on the hair and helps retain the colour. It is easier to detangle the hair after using this mask. It also strengthens the hair and keeps it from breaking. 

#15- Redken Color Extend Blondage 

colored hair mask UK

Use the Color Extend Blondage hair mask by Redken when you feel your bleached platinum or blonde hair getting a bit yellowish or brassy. The pigments in this purple mask neutralise the colour caused due to too much chemical treatment or sun exposure, and put back the vibrancy. 

This hair mask is also instand and quick acting, and it takes only about 5 minutes to work on shampooed, towel dried hair. It also strengthens the hair with its inclusion of citric acid in its ingredients. 

How do I rehydrate my hair after bleaching it?

Bleaching your hair can be tiring for your strands while also absorbing the moisture of the hair. So we have a couple of tips for you hydrate your hair without ripping the color off.

Olive oil

Applying olive oil to your hair after a brief amount of time from bleaching can be a great way of keeping your hair strands smooth and moisturized. Olive oil has a lot of goodness in it which is a great way of nourishing the hair strands and allowing it to be nourished in every sense.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great source of hydration as well and is the most popular choice because of the accessibility. Rub ample amount of coconut oil on your palm and rub it on your hair strands and wash it off with a gentle shampoo.

Rice water

Rinsing your hair with rice water is a great way of allowing the bleach to stick to your hair and not ripping it off or allowing it to dry off.

The stink might remain if you don’t wash off properly, so watch out for that!


Using a conditioner which is perfect for preserving hair color is vital and necessary.

With these hair masks, it is easy to take care and allow your hair to be hydrated and moisturized in spite of the bleach and the impacts it can have on your hair.

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