Best Protein Hair Masks for Damaged Hair UK 2021

Styling, blowdrying, dust, pollution, chemicals. 

And you wonder why you have damaged hair? 

It is quite normal to go through a phase where your hair strands are getting damaged and lose the original texture. But if not quickly rectified, things could get worse and you may start to lose out on the hair. 

That’s when protein comes into play. The protein molecules help fix the damage caused on each strand and revive your original texture and volume so that you have flawless and beautiful hair. 

Signs you need protein treatment for your damaged hair 

  • Colour treated hair
  • Extreme conditions on hair (too dry, too oily) 
  • Shredding 

We have brought together some of the best protein hair masks for damaged hair UK so that you can get your healthy strands back.

Due to constant exposure to dust and other pollutants, the condition of my hair started deteriorating. It is after a lot of research on the internet that I found that what I needed was the right protein mask for damaged hair. 

Coco and Eve is the best protein hair mask for damaged hair strands as the primary ingredient of this is coconut. The coconut oil is blend in with argan oil and creates the perfect remedy for breaking hair strands and gives the hair a shiny and flowy texture. It is suitable for all hair types including African American afros.

Best hair maskHair type Link
Art Naturals hydrating hair maskBest hair mask for colored hairLink
Redken extreme strength builder plus 
Best hair mask for split endsLink
L’Oreal Mythic protein hair maskBest hair mask for damaged hairLink
Dabur Vatika hair maskBest affordable hair mask Link
Vitamins keratin protein hair maskBest hair mask for African American hairLink
Lanza urban protein hair maskBest hair mask for rough hairLink
Kerastase geneisis protein hair maskBest hair mask for dry hair Link

Top protein hair masks for damaged hair UK 2021

Art Naturals hydrating hair mask 

top hair masks for damaged hair

Art Naturals is a brand that we are all very familiar with back in the UK with how much it has reached out to its clientele with its top-notch beauty products. 

The protein mask is infused with argan oil which is a great ingredient for strengthening thinning or damaged hair and giving it threshold against pollutants and heat. 

Having this protein hair mask on will give your hair more shine and texture as the nutrients seep into the strands and the scalp. 

It works wonders on all hair types. I would especially recommend this hair mask to those with curls if you want bouncy soft curls. 

Art Naturals guarantees 100 percent money back if the product has not worked for you. 

Best for 

Redken extreme strength builder plus 

hair masks for damaged hair

This is one of the top recommendations you will be getting from hairstylists and experts. 

The product has been proved to be therapy for those who are faltering with their hair care products options.

The ceramide that is prominent in this hair mask is one of the main and important factors that has made it so effective. It binds the hair strands and keeps it intact, repairing any damage. This is also considered the most effective if you have split ends. 

The tube-like packaging makes it easy for use and is even portable. 

Directions for use

Leave it on your wet hair for about 10 minutes and rinse it off. We suggest using an effective shampoo before this. 

Best for 

  • Split ends 
  • Extremely damaged hair 

L’Oreal Mythic protein hair mask 

damaged hair mask

It’s easy to be intimidated with this produced just with the first look given its grand exterior. 

If you’re someone with fine hair, I’m sure you’re super careful when it comes to choosing hair products fearing it might worsen the condition. 

But with the mythic mask, your confidence will be instilled again! 

It treats fine and thinning hair with a gentle reaction and strengthens the 5 signs of damage including split ends, dullness, dehydration, weakness, and roughness. 

One thing that I have observed with this product is that your hair will achieve a new profound shine that will last for a long time. 

Best for 

  • Split ends 
  • Fine hair
  • Rough hair 
  • Dull hair 
  • Dehydrated hair 

Dabur Vatika hair mask 

hair masks 2020

Dabur is an Indian brand that has never failed to amaze the beauty world with the simple yet effective products it brings to light. 

The primary ingredient in this hair mask is the egg – which is widely considered as the ultimate solution to hair problems. The egg whites are used to strengthen, smoothen, and create a shiny texture for all hair types. 

To compliment the egg, honey is used in an equal amount to create a glossy and silky texture to the hair. 

Using this protein mask can assure your hair more hydration and can be bought at an affordable price. 

Best for 

  • Budget oriented customers 
  • Rough hair 
  • Dull hair 

Vitamins keratin protein hair mask 

best hair masks

African American hair is so hard to tame and maintain and what you need are the RIGHT PRODUCTS! 

The vitamins infused protein hair mask is the ultimate solution to your brooding hair problems as it serves as a quick fix. 

The keratin extract that this product has in a great deal is used to smoothen hair and give you great texture and a softer look from the outside. The ingredients are quite powerful which include wheat germ oil, argan oil, and keratin extracts which are basically all you need for healthy hair. 

This is considered to be effective for those with bleached and colored hair

Best for 

  • African American afro hair
  • Coloured and bleached hair 

Lanza urban protein hair mask 

best hair masks for damaged hair 2020

Lanza’s hair mask is a quick solution that works well with thick and uncontrollable hair. 

The ingredients of this hair mask are gentle on the hair strands and therefore works really well with brittle and thinning hair. 

Coconut oil is one of the most used products on the hair and there’s a reason for it. It fixes EVERYTHING. Lanza has taken advantage of these ingredients and used it in their hair mask. Leaving this hair mask on the hair can smoothen your hair strands and works out for the best in every sense. 

Lanza assures you that with the first wash you will see evident results. 

Best for 

  • Smoothening hair 
  • Rough hair 

Kerastase geneisis protein hair mask 

keratin hair mask for damaged hair

Kerastase recognizes that your hair is exposed to pollutants and dirt every day and you need a product that gently removes them and cleanses it from deep within. 

This exposure can be the main reason for hair breakage and extreme weakness of the hair. You can see your hair slowly deteriorating until it looks completely dull and lifeless. 

This hair mask does not allow this on your hair strands but keeps it shiny at all times. The ingredients used in this are free of sulphates and keeps the essential oils imbibed in your ahir strands and strengthens your hair from root to tip. 

Best for 

  • Dry and lifeless hair 

Coco & Eve Coconut hair mask 

coconut hair mask for damaged hair

I love how tropical the packaging of this hair mask looks and even glad to know that it’s infused with coconuts! 

Coco and Eve have always been my go-to for any hair problem fix and I have always been satisfied with their products. 

The main aspect of this hair mask is that it eliminates frizz and keeps the hair shiny and voluminous with every use. It can be quite hard to attain this but Coco and Eve proves this point effortlessly. 

It contains shea butter, argan and coconut oil which is a dream combination for those with hair problems. 

Best for 

  • Frizzy hair 

Moroccon hydrating hair mask 

protein hair masks

Moroccan oil has been a great brand in mending dryness and adding hydrants that will keep your hair strands intact. 

The argan oil in this product deeply moisturises the hair and gives you the best of all the antioxidants and leaves the hair looking nourished and healthy. 

The best part about this protein mask is that it is quick in being effective. All you need is 5 minutes before/ during your shower and you’re good to go. 

The packaging is super convenient and is sure to reflect the results in a considerable amount of time. 

Best for 

  • Dry hair

Protein masks are god sent. No doubt about that. But it is important to understand that each hair type requires a certain amount of hydrants to soothe the hair strands and give it utmost health.

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