Best Teenage Clothing Brands In UK 2021 | 13 Cute, Trendy Stores For Guys And Girls!

School’s starting soon? Need a dress for a date? Try these best teenage clothing brands in UK for cool, trending outfits!

Teenage clothing brands are flourishing because that is exactly the right age where you obsess about what you are wearing. There is a constant pressure of wanting to be in style.

It is hard to keep up with the rapidly changing fashion trends for youngsters. For all you know, it could be anywhere!

That’s right, we have the best teenage clothing brands in the UK over here to satisfy your yearning for style. 

Top Teenage Clothing Brands in UK 2021

Teenage fashion is a whole thing altogether and it is taken pretty seriously. The trends tend to change with demographic and we need to keep up with it to be in pace.

While there are so many trends for hair, skin and fashion that have gone ahead, there are still so many that are in the making.

All these trends are gradually being created by each of these top brands that we are going to present to you. So what are the fashion trends for teenagers like in the UK. Let’s find out!

Best Teenage Clothing Brands In UKBest Product/OutfitPrice
Pretty little things Cream Faux Leather Crop Top£7.00
Missguided Yellow Check Tie Back Mini Dress£10.20
VeryPrinted Crew Sweatshirt£12
Levis Levi’s Men’s 531 Athletic Slim Jeans$40.47
Abercrombie & Fitch 90s Oversized Crew Sweatshirt£46.71
LululemonGet in Line Super High-Rise Tight Leggings$128
Top ShopTopshop Cropped Roll Neck Eyelash Jumper In Black£29.99
River IslandPink Floral Shirred Beach Skirt£25.00
Vans Checkerboard Classic Slip-On Shoes£52.00
Nasty GalHave You Herd Plus Zebra Bodysuit£15.00

#1 – Pretty little things – clothing brand for teenagers in UK 

Popular clothing brands
Popular clothing brand stores in UK

Pretty little things are no stranger to the fashion world with its glamorous collection of clothes for women. But what’s surprising is the massive collection they have for teenagers.

Not only is it stylish but it grows with the trend. Pretty little things offer the best of sweatshirts, crop tops, and accessories which you should definitely get your hands on.

There is an entire collection of clothes that favor the budget and gives you a wide range of fashionable clothes for a great price. You should definitely check it out! 

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#2 – Very Store – clothing brands for teenagers in UK 

Teenage fashion stores

As you can see, the style in Very store is one of a kind and can give you an array of exquisite choices. They have the best in jackets, tunic tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, swimwear, and dresses. If you have a crisis for what to wear, Very is the hub for it.

Make sure to check out their discounts because they are totally worth it. This is one of the best teenage clothing brands for its casual style which is great for college. 

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#3 – Missguided – clothing brand for teenagers in UK 

Trendy clothes
Popular brands

If you are looking for glamour and affordability then this site takes both into consideration. Misguided takes the style of teenagers very seriously and gives them a whole big collection of boho, sequins and wrap arounds.

If you are looking for something sophisticated and don’t want to empty your wallets, Misguided is the perfect spot for you. A special shout out to their sequin collection, it definitely takes your breath away! 

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#4 – Superdry – clothing brand for teenagers in UK 

clothing brands for teenagers
teenager clothing brands
best brands for teenagers clothes

Superdry is one of the most popular clothing brands for teenagers. It adheres to the fashion trends in the UK and gives you an insight into the latest growing trends.

With kaftans, crop tops, and maxis, they make sure to create a big choice for the growing fashion industry.

The prices are nominal and stand true to its quality as well. We especially love their trousers for women that come in different sizes and colors.

Our style

A kaftan or a long dress would look great on a sexy pair of heels.

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#5- Nasty Gal – teenage clothing brands in UK 

clothing brands for teenage girls
clothing brands for teenage boys
best fashion brands in UK

This is one of the most sought after clothing brands in the UK with literally everything glamorous for teenagers. The variety that they provide is a big part of their success.

As you can see, they have fashionable pieces of clothing that grow with the trends. We love their A line shirts and coats which are super chic and comfy. Make sure to also check out their denim collection! 

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Well, that was for the girls. Here are somesome popular clothing brands for teenage guys.

#6 – Levis Strauss – clothing brand for teenagers in UK 

clothing brands for teenagers in UK
popular fashion brands in UK
trendy brands for fashion in UK

As you know, Levis has been on top of fashion brands for a long time now with its exceptional quality and remarkable pace with the latest trends.

It is especially popular among teenagers in the UK for its denim collection and sweatshirts which are popular decor among college kids.

Even though it is a little expensive, it is worth the buy for its standards and durability. They provide a wide range of clothes in different sizes. 

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#7 – Vans – clothing brand for teenagers in UK 

clothing brands
UK clothing brands
UK clothing brands for teenagers

Again, Vans is also a very well known brand. It represents the latest styles and trends for men and women but we would have to stress on the men’s collection.

Not only does it perform really well, they have the ability to bring out new versions of styles faster than other brands. They have a one of a kind style with everything that’s needed to look effortless and cool.

Their sweatshirts and jackets deserve all the attention there is! 

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#8 – PacSun – Clothing brand for teenagers in UK 

fashion for guys and girls in UK
fashion stores for teenagers in UK

With literally everything that pertains to fashion, PacSun is easily our top pick for teenage boys fashion. It is a mixture of funk and variety that makes the whole shopping experience an interesting one.

Have a look at their funky shorts collection that will definitely make you want to go on vacation. The boho print on the shirts is another thing to consider when you’re shopping here. 

Our style

If you’re going out on vacation, then a funky shorts with a boho tee.

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#9 – Lululemon – clothing brand for teenagers in UK 

latest fashion stores for teenagers
teenage fashion trends in UK
sweatshirts and jackets for teenagers

Like its name, Lululemon is also a fun brand with everything classy under the men’s section in particular. They make sure they provide their customers with a lot of variety in terms of colors, sizes, and styles.

Their tees are a classic choice for teenagers across because of how effortless it looks. They have an entire section dedicated to loungewear which you have to try out! 

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#10 – Hollister – clothing brand for teenagers in UK 

best trends for teenagers
best fashion trends for teenagers
fashion brands for teenagers

Hollister cannot be ignored for its remarkable fashion trends, especially for teenagers. They have an exceptional collection of tees and shirts. College and school kids are more prone to be attracted to these styles as they are targeted at them.

They are sold at a reasonable price and they have exciting offers. Check out their sweatshirts which are known for their exotic prints.

Our style

Since the colours are mild and light so we suggest you choose a light colored shirt and go with a dark bottom

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#11 – Free people 

teenage clothing brands UK
popular teenage clothing brands

Free people might be the hub for teenagers to find the trends that are up and coming. Once you visit the site and see what it has to offer you, there will be no going back. 

They have a wide range of capris, jeans, trousers, camisoles, boots, and everything else that is needed to make up for a stylish look at the school. 

We have not been able to decide on what theme this is site is based on since it gives you a taste of everything. 

Our style

Pair a tank top with a pair of khaki pants and add leather boots for a classy touch and you’re good to go. 

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#12 – Old Navy 

best clothing brands for teenagers
top teenage clothing brands

Old Navy is the name you hear when you want to stock up on a new style and give your wardrobe a complete makeover. What we love about this site is that you can create your own signature style and give a varied vibe to your clothing collection. 

The jeans and denim collection that they showcase is classy and goes with practically anything. On a wider picture, this site focuses on giving a casual vibe with the clothing apparel they have for you. 

The good news is that this site always has a sale, so you better get over there right now and fill up your closet. 

Our style 

Match a white tee with a skinny light blue denim pant and a white shoe. 

Click here to visit the site 

#13 – Abercrombie & Fitch 

teenage clothing brands for men
teenage clothing brands for women

Abercrombie and Fitch is a brand that has a theme with its signature colors that range from white to brown to give you a very rough yet classy look. 

You have sweatshirts that range from every size and various hues that will help you match with any bottom or jeans. The accessories that they provide have a huge variety and goes with any outfit you choose to customize. 

Our style

For the women, we suggest you choose a tight dress and a pair of leather boots. 

For the men, you can pair a white tee with a ripped jean and leather boots. 

Click here to check out the website 

#14 – Topshop

teenage clothing brand uk

Topshop was started all the way in 1964 but it still has some of the trendiest outfits for teenagers. There are over 500 chains of this store around the world, and almost 300 of them are in Britain. This makes Topshop one of the best teenage clothing brands in the UK.

This international fashion house sells not only clothing but also accessories and makeup. There front wrap bodysuit is a stylish, best-selling items. From casual to party wear, you can get it all here.

Our Style

Wear the body suit with ripped jeans and a jean jacket for a stylish, streetwear aesthetic.

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#15 – River Island

top clothing brands for teenage guys 2021

River Islands is not just the best teenage clothing brands on this list. It’s also one of the oldest, as it was established as a knitting shop in 1948. Today River Island has 350 stores worldwide. Its online stores delivers to over 100 countries across the globe.

This store is known for stocking stylish pieces which are classy yet affordable. The navy blue blouse is our favorite among these.

Our Style:

Match the navy blue blouse with a cream blazer to look your sophisticated best.

Click here to check out the website

Now that we have given you the best stores and the styles that come with it, here are some questions most asked on the internet that we have answered to make your search for fashion easier. 

What are the most popular clothing brands in UK? 


What clothing brands are trending? 

More than brands it is the trends that keep changing and that’s what people are following upon. However, there are some brands that make sure they cover these upcoming trends as they grow. Nike, Asos, Topman, Adidas are some of the most popular brands that are trending. 

Being a teenager it is vital to familiarise yourself with the latest trends. College and school going kids definitely need to up their fashion game early on. We hope these trends will come as a solution for your choices. 

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