30 Cute Hairstyles for Teens

Teenage is the time to have fun, experiment with lots of different looks and build the image they are going to portray to the rest of the world. One of the most important parts of the look of a teen is the hairstyle – mess that up and everything else goes for a six. Here are some cute and easy hairstyles for teenagers to try out:

Super Easy Teenage girl hairstyles 2021

Teenagers lead super busy lives with school, meeting up with friends, part-time work, and whatnot. Wherever a teen makes an appearance, it is of utmost importance to look trendy and up to date. Boring and regular hairstyles will simply not do. 

Mornings before school can be a frustrating time getting everything ready and there is the added pressure of getting a hairstyle right. So here are a few super simple, yet cute hairstyles for those rushed school mornings:

Dutch Braids hairstyles for teens

dutch braids

These are an all time favourite as they are easy to get done and you have to admit, they look really good. You can braid as many dutch braids as you like and your teen will look feminine and elegant. 

A Dutch braid is a good option for another reason too – your teen’s hair could be having a bad hair day or it could be one of those days when it is not washed or is a little unruly, yet, the dutch braid will make it look fantastic. It just needs to be fluffed up a bit and it is good to go. For a school morning, try out a double dutch braid to keep your teen looking young and fresh:

Bubble braid cute hairstyle for teens 

bubble braids

Here is something that is even easier than a dutch braid, if that is even possible. Try out a bubble braid that will save you loads of time in the morning and something that you cannot go wrong with.

This hairstyle may not be possible on those with short or medium length hair as you have to have at least 3 sections to bring about an interesting look. But, this will definitely be a hit with long hair

. Don’t forget to tie up the last section with a gorgeous ribbon. Also, do add some matching hair clips for the other sections to finish the look. 


You can use a gel to make the braid more firm so that the baby hair stays put. Check out this one from Kenra which is an amazing product when you want to style your hair. 

Your teen wants to go out with her friends. Whether they are meeting up at an ice cream parlor or hanging out at the movies, she simply cannot look boring with a run of the mill hairstyle. Here are some ultra-cute hairstyles for teenage girls you could try out on her for those socializing events:

Half up twist braid cute hairstyles for teens 

half up twist hairstyles for teens

This is a hairstyle that is quick and doesn’t require much expertise. What we like best about this is that this works on any type and length of hair.

Be it short or medium length or even long hair, whether the hair is silky smooth or frizzy, the half up twist braid is a hairstyle that can make the wearer look sweet and elegant.

Take a section of hair from each side of the face and twist it up. When it reaches the back of the head, twist both the sections together and use a hair tie to keep them from unwinding. Done!

Twisted pigtail hairstyle for teens 


Pigtails are without doubt adorable! 

Not only does this serve as a solution when you’re going out with friends, it can also be worn to school, since it keeps the hair intact and it looks formal. 

But if you are going out, make sure to match some of your casual outfits with these pigtails. It will really bring out so much style and it looks really cute.

The only thing that you need to look out for is your face shape. If you have a narrow face, then you are set to try out this hairstyle. 

Your teen’s social life is something that cannot be overlooked. This is a time where she is moving out of the “childhood” phase and entering adulthood, where she is establishing herself as an individual with her own identity. Teen parties are a good place and time to do this and you cannot mess up her hair for these special events. Check out some cool hairstyles to try out for party time:

Side swept fish braid hairstyles for teens

side swept hairstyles for teens

With teenagers, you want a hairstyle that does not come undone in the middle of their party. It has to be something that stands out, looks classy, yet can handle all the moving and the dancing.

Here is a side fish braid that you can try for your party ready teen.

Waterfall braids cute hairstyles for teens 

waterfall braids for teens

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for teenage girls as it can really bring out the party vibe with its twists and turns!

If you have medium length hair then this hairstyle is suitable for you. It can be tried with any of your party clothes. The hairstyle goes really well

Here are some of the best hairstyles with bangs that teens that you can rock with!

Braided top knot hairstyle for teens 

braided top knot teens

Space buns cute hairstyles for teens 

space buns

Princess Jasmine updo hairstyle for teens 

princess jasmine teen hairstyle

Twisted side bun cute hairstyles for teens 

twisted buns for teens

Belle inspired bun cute hairstyles for teens 

buns for teens

Double french braids hairstyles for teens 

double french braids

Crossover low ponytail hairstyle for teens 

low pony teens

Side pony with box braids hairstyle for teens 

side pony

Side braids cute hairstyles for teens 

side braids

Sleek medium haircut for teenage girls 

medium haircut for teends

Cute hairstyles for teenage girls with short hair

short hair cute hairstyles

Short to long bob cute hairstyles for teens 

long bob teen hairstyles

Asymmetrical bob for teenage girls 

assymetrical bob

Short and wavy shag cute hairstyles for teens 

shag hairstyles

Floral crown bun 

floral crown bun

Cool knotted braids 

top knot

Hippie teen hairstyle 

hippie hairstyles

Braided ponytail for teen girls 

Braided ponytail for teen girls

Double braided teen hairstyle 

Triple braids hairstyles for teens 

triple braids

Twisted braids 

Twisted braids

Double braid for teens 

Double braid for teens

Flowy waves teen hairstyles 

Flowy waves teen hairstyles

With these hairstyles for teenagers any day. So make the best of creating your style based on what we have enlisted above. Hope this helps.

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