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What better way to get creative with your look than to get bangs! It has been in style forever and has a sense of style of its own. Although there are many factors that need to be considered before you can cut your own bangs, once they match it is totally worth it.

The most important factor that goes into getting bangs is face shape. You need to have a face shape that frames well with the bangs. Another aspect is hair type. By considering these factors, you will be all set to get bangs and embark on a new look! So here we are with a list of cute hairstyles with bangs that you can choose from!

We have had our conversation with so many hair experts in the industry to know the bangs that are the most in style and we have a bunch.

Some of the most practiced bangs by celebrities and other icons based on trends are

  • Layered bangs
  • Blunt bob
  • Long layered hairstyle with bangs
  • Curly lob hairstyle
  • Long pixie

Hairstyles with bangs 2020

Getting bangs is a huge step since it changes everything about facial structure and gives you an entirely new look. We have made sure to cover everything there is to know about hairstyles with bangs. 

Types of bangs 

Wispy bangs 
Curtain bangs 
Arched bangs 
Baby bangs
Braided bangs 
Blunt bangs 
V shaped bangs 

#1 – Blunt bob hairstyle with bangs 

Hairstyles with side bangs

The blunt bob with bangs is probably the cutest hairstyle for short hair with bangs that is out there. You cannot do side bangs with this as the blunt bob compliments fringes more. It frames the face super nicely.

Since this hairstyle is very specific to certain face shapes and hair types, you need to get a haircut at a reputed place and make sure the hairdresser gets it right! 

Best suited for

Face shape – Oval 

Hair type – Wavy

Hair length – Short 

#2 – Retro half up hairstyles with bangs 

Hairstyles with bangs

The retro half updo with side bangs is another one of our favorites. It is an amazing hairstyle for long hair with bangs. It does not require a lot of alterations to pull it off as it is quite simple

. It allows the hair to settle and adds an appealing frame to the face. You might need to tend to your bangs often to keep it tangle-free and silky smooth. The half updo goes really well with the bangs and is one of the best functional hairstyles that you can try out. 

Best suited for

Face shape – Narrow

Hair type – Straight 

Hair length – Long 

#3 – Curly lob hairstyles with bangs 

Haircuts with bangs and layers

This is the perfect hairstyle with bangs for curly hair. The best part about this hairstyle is that it is the perfect length. It is not too short nor too long. Whoever said bangs don’t sit well with curly hair will be proven wrong! One drawback about wearing bangs with curly hair is that it is hard to manage the bangs in front when it is curly. But if you use the right hair products, you will be just fine. 

Best suited for 

Face type – Round, oval 

Hair length – Medium 

Hair type – Curly 

#3 – Middle part cute hairstyle with bangs 

Black hairstyles with bangs

Middle parting while having bangs might not be a conventional style but we assure you that it is up and coming for sure. It has a very boho vibe to it and does not fail to suit any kind of outfit with how it frames the face.

We suggest you go for the middle parting when you have a blunt bob or any other short hairstyle to be able to pull off this look. 

Best suited for

Face type – Oval 

Hair type – Wavy

Hair length – Short and medium length. 


You can use clips or headbands to keep the parting separate. 

#4 – Long layers hairstyle with bangs 

Cute hairstyles for short hair with bangs

Having long layers is every girl’s dream. Period. The waves are a visual treat. Imagining adding to this fantasy with some flowy bangs.

This is a very special look to acquire and if you have a good texture to your hair, this will be of no problem. Just make sure you have silky smooth hair to keep the bangs tamed. 

Best suited for

Face shape – Oval

Hair type – Wavy, straight

Hair length – Long 

#5 – High pony hairstyle with bangs 

Hairstyles with bangs 2020

This is the most recognised hairstyle of all of the hairstyles that come with bangs. The bangs are very much in array with the ponytail and can be worn on a school day to a party. Even though this hairstyle can be pulled off with any hair length, this is exceptionally classy with long layered hair. We suggest you layer your bangs as well so that it completes the whole form of the hairstyle. Check out some of the cute hairstyles for teenagers.

Best suited

Face shape – Oval 

Hair length – Long, medium length 

Hair type – Wavy 

#6 – Long pixie hairstyle with bangs 

Side bangs

The pixie hairstyle is another one of our favourites. It is super short and gives the bangs prominence. You can try this adventurous haircut if you have a narrow face shape. The bangs are not optional in this hairstyle and come as part of the pixie hairstyle. You can adjust the length of the bangs according to how you want to style it. 

Best suited for

Face type – Round and oval 

Hair length – Short 

Hair type – Straight. 

#7 – Low bun hairstyle with bangs 

Long bangs

Wearing a low bun has always been a very sophisticated style and the bangs make it even more attractive. This way it creates a good form to the face and the bun keeps your hair pinned perfectly. You can wear these hairstyles for professional events. Since the hairstyle involves a hair bun, your hair length does not matter. 

Best suited for

Face shape – Oval and round 

Hair length – Any length 

Hair type – Straight and wavy. 

#8 – Curly topknot hairstyle with bangs 

Bangs for face shape

The topknot hairstyles goes really well with bangs. You can go with side bangs or stick to fringes. Both these have a very appealing effect on the hairstyle. If you have curly hair and want to pull off bangs, then this hairstyle is the perfect choice. This is the best choice if you have medium or long hair. Make sure you don’t make it too clumpy. 

Best suited for

Face shape – All face shapes

Hair length – Medium and long hair 

Hair type – Curly hair 

#9 – High bun hairstyle with bangs 

What hairstyles go with bangs?

 Wearing a high bun with bangs is probably the most liked among hair stylists. This is a combination of an updo while also letting loose of the hair strands so it is the perfect combo. You can wear this hairstyle for various occasions and it will still uphold the intention without looking inappropriate or untidy. We would suggest you style your bangs in a layered manner to acquire the best style. 

Best suited for 

Face shape – Round 

Hair length – long and medium length 

Hair type – wavy, straight 

#10 – Feathered pixie hairstyle with bangs 

Are bangs in style for 2020?

Best suited for

Face shape – Oval

Hair length – Short 

Hair type – Curly and wavy. 

#11 – Curtain parted hairstyle with bangs 

long bangs hairstyle

Best suited for

Face shape – Oval and round 

Hair length – Long and medium length. 

Hair type – Curly and wavy 

#12 – Grown out shaggy hairstyle with bangs 

best hairstyles with bangs

Best suited for

Face shape – Round, oval and heart shape 

Hair length – Medium and short 

Hair type – Wavy. 

#13 – Long retro hairstyle with bangs 

retro hairstyles with bangs

Best suited for

Face shape – Heart shape 

Hair length – Long 

Hair type – wavy

#14 – Classic fringe hairstyle 

bob hairstyle with bangs

Best suited for

Face shape – Heart shape 

Hair length – Medium and short 

Hair type – Wavy 

#15 – Textured hairstyle with bangs 

textured hairstyle with bangs

Best suited for 

Face shape – Oval and heart shape 

Hair length – Medium 

Hair type – Wavy. 

#16 – Faux hairstyle with bangs 

bangs 2020

#17 – Sleek and side swept bangs hairstyle 

Sleek and side swept bangs hairstyle

#18 – Sweet simple hairstyle with bangs 

simple hairstyle with bangs

#19 – Messy bangs 

messy bangs

#20 – Deep side swoop hairstyles with bangs 

seep swoop hairstyle with bangs

Since we have enlisted the different kinds of hairstyles with bangs we have delved deeper on how to maintain your bangs and how to style them. Read on. 

Are bangs in style for 2020?

Experts have revealed that bangs have made a major comeback since the Hannah Montana season. But like already established bangs look the best on women with bigger foreheads. It compliments their features and completes their face frame. If you are looking to do something creative and to stay in trend this year, we suggest you get bangs done. 

How can I look cute with bangs?

Bangs on the whole give out a very cute look. It is mostly practiced by school going girls and women who are into fashion. There is a certain sense of elegance when it comes to bangs. So read on to find out how to look cute with bangs. 

  • Wear a headband with your bangs. This can be done by letting the bangs loose and allowing the headband to frame the fringe. 
  • Wearing glasses. Glasses with bangs are something that is up and coming with how it makes you look. 
  • Cutting your hair short. As we have mentioned above, the blunt bob looks the best with bangs.

How do I know if bangs will suit me?

The main key of cutting bangs is to notice the size of your forehead. Women with short foreheads don’t stand a chance into achieving the right length of bangs. It either looks too short or covers the eyes. Bigger foreheads is the main key to knowing if you need bangs.Keep your fingers on your forehead and notice how many fingers it takes to cover the entire forehead and cut your bangs accordingly. 

Another important aspect to consider is your face shape. Round and heart shaped faces look the best with bangs. 

Do bangs make you look younger? 

Bangs do help compliment bigger facial structures and give a youthful and radiant look to the face. Besides this, it frames the face in a better and a creative way which is another aspect of making you look younger. Here are some ways you can try out bangs to appear younger 

  • Get long bangs. This way it covers up any fine lines on the forehead and gives you full coverage on the upper part of your forehead. 
  • If you’re feeling a little crazy we would suggest getting uneven layers for your bangs as it levels up the goofy side and it looks nice on the hair as well. 
  • Always remember to get a good chunk of your hair to get bangs else it will just appear inappropriate. Keep in mind the texture of your hair and allow only that much hair to be considered for bangs. The key is to make sure the of hair strands taken for the bangs and the length of your hair should match each other. 

Do bangs make you look fatter? 

While keeping in mind that there are different types of bangs that you can get done, there are some that can directly impact how your face looks. Blunt bangs are straight cut and can make the face look a little plump. At such instances consider the length of your hair and the structure of your face and consider getting layered bangs

What face type do bangs look the best on.?

Bangs restructure your face, we’ll give you that. Having said that, you need to be extremely careful as to what kind of bangs you’re getting for what face type. We have a few face types that look the best with bangs. Here goes, 

  • Square shape face
  • Oblong face 
  • Oval face
  • Round face 
  • Diamond face 

Now that you have access to some of the most creative and cute hairstyles with bangs, we hope you try out the best according to your features and rock your look this 2020!

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