Popular Teenage Fashion Trends 2020

You’re in your teens, hip, hot and happening. You cannot be seen wearing terrible clothes or be a plain Jane. You need to be well dressed yet quirky, funky yet smart, elegant yet edgy, with a unique style of your own.

Running out of ideas or just generally browsing to keep yourself updated about the best teenage fashion trends currently? You have landed on the right page. Go through below for the most popular fashion trends for teenagers researched from across the world, at your fingertips:

Best Teenage Fashion Trends 2020

Plaid shirts

teens fashion

Plaid has always had an appeal like none other. 

That “workman” type of masculine vibe that a good plaid shirt gives off goes contrastingly well on the feminine girl or woman wearing it.

 It’s a classic you simply cannot go wrong with. 

Except, if you don’t wear it right. Always tuck in a plaid shirt into a pair of well fitted jeans, be it faded or navy or black. No embellishments on the jeans so that the focus is on the plaid. 

Leave a few buttons open, roll up your sleeves and pair with a good pair of boots for that super stylish, yet, vintage look. 

How you style your hair will further define the occasion: Keep it combed back and long for a formal college seminar or symposium, or wear it in a messy bun for a casual and fun movie evening out with friends. As we said, plaid is a fail-safe option, any day. 

Distressed Jeans

distressed jeans for teen boys
distressed jeans

These are new hot additions to every teenager’s wardrobe. We love them faded, we love them bleached. Distressed jeans come in a lot of variations, from mild to extreme. We say, go for something mid-level, as these are easier to pull off. 

Do try and avoid going over the top with too many other additions to the jeans like embroidery or embellishments as these take away the beauty of the distressed look. 

The best part about these jeans is that they can be paired with any shirt or tee shirt.

 Of course, this is always a casual look, never a formal look, no matter what you pair these jeans with. 

Wear them well-fitted, never baggy. And if your parents refuse to buy you distressed jeans, remind them of their teenage years!

Oversized clothing

So, from the well-fitted jeans, we move to the other side of the spectrum: oversized clothing. Take a page from the Japanese fashionistas and go big. Loose pants with hoodies and chunky boots, for example. 

When you don’t feel like squeezing into those tight pair of pants, say on a hot summer day, choose a pair of pants made from freely flowing cotton fabric or summer crepe and pair it with a funky tee shirt to keep you cool. 

These are so comfortable that you can walk, run, squat and do whatever else you want with ease.

 If you want to amp it up a notch, wear these with some real chunky shoes or boots, like work boots and carry the whole look with a cool attitude. 

You will be the envy of your college when you show up in style!

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Camo pants

capri pants

Another happening fashion style trending on the streets of Tokyo are Camo pants. These add a sexy masculine vibe to the girls wearing them. 

There are lots of Camo pants selling in stores but not all are in fashion right now.

 Remember, this is a style from Japan, so keep it huge and comfortable. 

Choose a pair of pants that sits well on your hips but flows down your legs. 

You can tuck the ends into a pair of boots, chunky, of course.

 Pair these with a simple tank top for those humid summer days or a plain tee shirt for a cooler day.

 If you’re bolder, you could even experiment with a bold, plain coloured hoodie or one with a graphic print on it. 

This is a tough look that can give off a “tomboy” vibe if you dare to own it. 


sneakers teens
sneakers women

Teenage is all about looking fashionable without compromising on comfort. Yes, those 6-inch heels look so sexy but really, is that what we want to wear when we are hanging out with our friends for a bite?

 The trick to this pairing is to ensure that your sneakers don’t look like you are about to jump into a workout. 

Wear ones that are meant for walking, flat healed and slim.

 Remember, you want to keep this rocking! One colour that can go with just about any colour bottom is white, a must-have in your closet. Pair the bottom with a nice crop top or a sleeveless tank to complete the look.

Funky socks

funky socks

Socks are no longer the item of clothing you wear to keep covered inside your shoes. Get yourself a few pairs of quirky socks in various colours, patterns and maybe even with some of your favourite cartoon characters. 

You need a bit of adventure to pull off this look. Wear them long (ankle socks are out) and show off those socks paired with a skirt or a pair of shorts. 

You could be even more daring and wear these with a pair of contrasting and funky shoes. 

Keep the rest of your clothing subtle, with a plain tee or one with a simple graphic design and a plain bottom.

 If you want to keep it elegant, go for a pair of sheer socks with some pretty embroidered designs and wear these with a summer frock or a light skirt.

 There are loads of sellers online with their creative designs, do check them out and pick out ones that really call out to you. 

Denim jackets and shirts

jacket for men
oversized jacket women

One piece of clothing that screams “fun” is a denim jacket. This is a versatile piece in your wardrobe that can never go out of style. Wear your denim jacket over a mini or midi dress and you’re all set for that day of fun.

If you are bored with your denim jacket, try upcycling it by adding some embellishments or get your mother to embroider a couple of flowers around the buttonholes or over the pockets.

These add a splash of colour and make your jacket special, and new. You can keep this as girlish as you want with a pair of dainty ballerina shoes or chunk it up with some workboots or boxy shoes, that is up to you.

However which way you choose to express yourself, denim is trending right now. 

Here are some tips to pump up your style game and be ahead of everyone based on your style.

Mix and match your colours

Move away from the boring mix of black, white and blue with brighter shades. We are now seeing a lot of subtle shades trending with a pop of bright colours. Subtle shades like olive green, brick red, light peach are paired with a pop of bright pink, gold or an electric blue. The brighter colour is in the form of one article, like maybe your shoes. If you are the kind who likes glitter, (well, who doesn’t?), wear it on your feet. Let your shoes sparkle in a glittery turquoise while you pair a teal shirt with a pair of white jeans. Colours that go really well and complement each other are those from the same family, like, yellow with orange or red, pink with purple. One item that goes well with most subtle colours is a pair of blue jeans. You can never go wrong there.   

Accessorise with a few of these pieces

No outfit is complete without the right accessories to add some oomph. Pick out items that you know you can repeat and maybe become your signature or trademarked pieces:

  • A funky baseball cap is a great addition to your collection. Wear it with your casual dresses as well as your jeans and shorts, keeping you protected while you look stylish. 
  • Another interesting piece is a pair of round-rimmed or rectangular glasses. They give off the nerdy vibe and can be a great addition especially when you are going to college.  
  • Long neckpieces can liven up a plain dress or outfit while not being “too much”. Buy them in basic colours so that they can match any outfit you choose. 
  • Hoops for the ears: An all-time favourite, hoops can go from casual to formal to sexy depending on the colour and size. They go with just about any outfit and are a great versatile addition to your collection. 

Fashion is art. It is what we use to express ourselves and this expression is very important during the teen years as this is when we begin to explore ourselves and showcase it to the world. 

While this expression sounds quite easy, we know that in reality, it is not. 

Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. It is about understanding how to mix and match and make it aesthetically pleasing. 

We hope our collection above of the most popular fashion trending across the world helped inspire you in creating your own signature style!

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Plaid shirts are the best and up and coming with the best trends.

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