Top British Clothing Brands For Women| 9 fashionable brands for women in UK

For every new season, you need a new wardrobe. One way to ensure that you are always dressed well is to be well aware of the best clothing brands out there. The Brits have the reputation of being some of the best dressed in the world. With the women always uniquely stylish with a certain class, they are truly the trendsetters. Here are some of the top British clothing brands for women for you to choose from. 

British clothing brands for women

#1 – Asos British clothing brands for women

Be young and vibrant this summer with some excellent finds from Asos. This is easily one of the most shopped at sites across the world, leave alone the UK. Even though the website hosts other brands, one of the most checked out is clothing and accessories from the Asos brand. With trendy clothes and new releases almost once a month, shoppers never run out of choices here. Over the years Asos has kept up the interest amongst its patrons by bringing in vintage finds, convenience in mixing and matching outfits and even wellness products. What we love about Asos is the fact that they have a wide range of sizes which can fit women of all types of physiques. You can be sure you will find something stylish and flattering. The clothes and accessories start at affordable prices and go up steeply but not to the extent of designer wear. This makes this brand even more popular. 

#2 – River Island British clothing brands for women

This British brand is now popular in many countries for their reliable styles and quality of the fabric. This is a brand that has been a favourite with most Britishers, across generations for over seventy years. Obviously, the regular old styles have changed and now you have a whole range of trendy styles apt for every season. River Island has some of the most innovatively designed playsuits and beach midis you can find for the summer. That does not mean that you won’t find any old classics. The brand still has a few clothes that reflect timeless classic attires that are flattering on any woman. The other thing that makes this one of the top British brands of clothing is that they have a huge choice for curvy and plus-sized women. This is what makes this a “go-to” brand even in countries outside the UK. 

#3 – CoCo Veve British clothing brand for women

What we need for the world today is thinking out of the box and Coco Veve demonstrates the beautifully. While many brands outsource their manufacturing to factories in other markets, Coco Veve proudly manufactures it at home, in the UK. That’s not the only thing this brand is proud of. Coco Veve has some of the most original designs you will find in women’s clothing, be it a casual summer dress or a classic black dress. The prints are original, so you won’t find the same thing in another brand. The idea behind the brand is to give women timeless clothing that can be mixed and worn for any season, over the years. What you wear as a mini dress today can be easily tucked into a pair of culottes and worn as a top tomorrow. These clothes are definitely premium but the price won’t burn a hole in your pocket, especially when you think of the zillion ways you can wear each outfit you purchase. 

#4 – Wolf in sheep’s British clothing brands for women

This fairly new brand has built its way into popularity through slow and steady work, and the best natural fabric you can find. What was initially manufactured in Italy is now being produced in the UK, and therefore, we see more designs and quantity of clothing being released every year. To be honest, you won’t too many options for each type of clothing in the brand but the reason it’s one of UK’s top clothing brands is because of the quality of the design and fabric. Using the best cotton, with the best cuts and neat stitching, you know you are wearing something crafted with love and expertise. It takes you back to the days of your tailormade clothing. This brand has a good range of workwear for women, with ruffled shirts and knee-length skirts. Do check out their range of trenches and scarves for some interesting accessories to spice up your Monday morning. 

#5 – Paul Smith British clothing brands for women

Named after its founder, Paul Smith is a  brand that is synonymous with luxury. The familiar stripes that this brand is associated with are something one can recognize a mile away. Originally catering only to men, Paul Smith later started making some real stylish and hip clothing for women, much to everyone’s delight. These clothes are premium in every sense, be it the cut, the styles, the design, the fabric and of course, the price. Paul Smith workwear, including the blazers and suits, are preferred by many professionals for comfort and quality. This is one of those British brands that has most of its clothes manufactured in Italy and very few in Britain itself, but with fresh fashion released several times every season, and the older ones going on sale, you always have something exclusive to look forward to in this store. Check out their long dresses in dark shades and the sweatshirts in pastels to add to your wardrobe. 

#6 – Dorothy Perkins British clothing brands for women

Dorothy Perkins is one of the top budget clothing brands of Britain, out there. This brand caters to women of all age groups, right from peppy young clothing to a little more serious and classy clothing for older women. Since the clothes are priced at very affordable rates, this is one of the most visited stores by those who love the fast-fashion culture. The clothing designed by Dorothy Perkins is wearable fashion, something women don’t have to wait for occasions for. For example, you can find some versatile shirts starting from GBP 15 that can be worn for work as well as a casual day out with jeans or a skirt, and some fun dresses that can be mixed and matched with the right shoes for different occasions. Though based out of Britain, this brand is now multinational thanks to e-commerce, lots of different sizes and the ability to ship across the world. 

#7 – Miss Selfridge British clothing brands for women

Internet shopping is the way of the future and brands that understand this are successful. Miss Selfridge is one such British clothing brand for women that not only manufactures the best styles you can imagine but also makes it easy for the customer to shop. Founded way back in 1966, this brand targeted the young women of Britain. With clothes that are wearable daily to some unique pieces inspired by leading and most-watched TV shows, these are appealing to teenagers and young women. You can find a wide option in tops that can be matched with trousers for a formal occasion or mini skirts and shorts for a more casual outing, some really cute playsuits for the summer and lovely long floral dresses, all at prices that are very affordable. And with matching accessories too. This is what makes this brand one of the most preferred by women in the UK. 

#8 – Miss Guided British women’s clothing brands

After Asos, this is the most shopped at online store in the UK by women between 18 and 35 years of age. The clothes they carry are sometimes on the more expensive side but they make it worth your money with sizing that is perfect and cuts that are flattering. They cater to women of all sizes and shapes. They also have sales regularly during which you can find the piece you’ve been eyeing for, for a while. This ambitious brand stocks an amazing collection of party wear and shoes to match them, a great selection of tops and shorts to choose from and lovely dresses for any occasion. This brand adds an average of 2000 product lines every month, which a huge whopping number. This also means that you can check in every other week and you are sure to find something brand new to shop for. 

#9 – Bombshell British women’s clothing Brands

When you go through the website of Bombshell, you get the feeling that you are shopping for something truly English. This company was started specifically for women who can’t find clothes to fit their curves, those who are stuck in the unfortunate cookie cutter sizes of most brands today. Proud of their roots, designed and manufactured in the UK, Bombshell caters to classy, well-groomed, older women. This is a brand that is a favorite with confident women who like their clothes neat, yet flattering, in fabrics that are of top-notch quality. Whether you’re shopping for an important occasion like your daughter’s wedding or an evening party, Bombshell can dress you up with ease. They save sizes ranging from 8, all the way to 20, so there’s definitely lots of choices for every single woman. These clothes are premium and priced accordingly, but they are worth every penny you spend on them. 

With Britain being a fashion hub of the world, it is no surprise that there are hundreds of clothing brands for both men and women, some of which date back to over 100 years. While many brands source their clothing across the globe, some design and manufacture them in Britain, proudly. 

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